Reebok GX40滑步機

型 號︰ GM030

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銷售價︰ HKD6,200.0
Reebok GX40滑步機
Reebok Fitness GX40 One Series Cross Trainer


The Reebok GX40 Cross Trainer provides all round fitness for an excellent cardiovascular workout to help tone both your upper and lower body without impacting your joints. A benefit of the GX40 is the presence of both fixed and action handlebars, which allow you to vary your workout by integrating upper body movements to suit your favoured workout positions, while increasing the intensity of the exercise.

Reebok GX40滑步機提供了良好的心血管鍛鍊,幫助您鍛鍊全身的身體,同時不會傷害你的關節。GX40同時的把手可以固定或是調整成可動式,讓您通過整和上半身的動作來改變你想鍛鍊的位置,同時也可以增加運動的強度。

The LCD display provides user feedback including speed, time, distance, calories burnt and pulse so you can keep track of your workout statistics. The console also houses a number of features including 4 workout programmes and a built in phone/MP3 holder so you can listen to your favourite music throughout your workout.

液晶顯示器為您提供速度,時間,距離,卡路里燃燒值和心跳的數據,因此你可以了解您的運動成效。控制台還設有多項功能,其中包括4項鍛煉模組和一個內置的手機/ MP3夾,讓您可以邊收聽您喜愛的音樂邊運動。

The Reebok GX40 Cross Trainer has an excellent 15” stride length, non-slip adjustable footplates and a 6kg flywheel to provide a smooth motion for every workout session. There are 4 programmes to choose from, plus the addition of 8 different manual resistance levels to help you tailor your workout to your own needs, resulting in a varied and challenging exercise programme.

Reebok GX40滑步機擁有完美的15吋防滑踏板和6公斤飛輪讓您在運動時每一個動作都能流暢,我們擁有4個訓練模組提供您選擇,同時增加了8種不同的可調式阻力水平,滿足您的各種訓練需求,讓您自己量身定做更具有挑戰性更專屬的運動計畫。